Red Oak Hills Homes Association

To contact the board, please use a phone number or email address below. A board member will respond as soon as possible. We have a beautiful neighborhood and much of that is because of the residents and the work of the Board. Your help is needed and we encourage you to contact any Board member to offer a couple hours of your time.

President Mark Peterson
President of the Association. Presides at meetings of the association and board. Has general executive supervision over the business and affairs of the association. Helps social chairman, treasurer, chairs courtesy, path committees, communicates with title companies when a home sales, communicates regularly with Deffenbaugh in solving any issues with pickup, etc.
Vice President Carole Collyard
Performs the duties of the president when the president is unable, and can have other duties as determined by the board. Vice president is also an assistant to the secrertary and the treasurer.
Treasurer Gary Turner
Receives and is in charge of all monies, bills, etc. Coordinates annual budget process. Keeps books of financial records open for inspection and annual audit. Coordinates mailing of annual dues statement with help from board and members of the association.
Secretary Mona Tichenor
Keeps the minutes of the meetings of members and board.

Gary Turner
Niels Benberg
Carole Collyard
John Way
Wanda Smith
Darlene Blundell
Ron White
Carol Bailey
Charity Becker
Del D'Allessandro
Mark Jeffers
Ben Sunds

Website Ron White
Maintains Red Oak Hills website and develops new information for inclusion in website.
Christmas Dinner and Annual Picnic Charity Becker and
Carol Bailey
Organizes the Christmas Dinner and the Annual Picnic.
Shawnee City Liaison Gary Turner
Talks to the City of Shawnee for the community.
Roof Applications Mark Peterson
Checks to see that roofing applications meet minimum standards.
Maintenance Niels Benberg
Keeps the landscape and common areas looking nice.
Resident Relations Gary Turner and
Darlene Blundell
Responsible for Declaration of Servitude, Welcoming, sympathy cards, and congratulation cards.