Summary of Restrictions

This page includes excerpts of most of the ROH HOA restrictions. They are listed here for your convenience. Where any discrepancy may occur between this list and the documents of record (also available here on the web site), the documents of record prevail.

Other restrictions also apply and are enforced by the City of Shawnee. To report violations of City restrictions, you should call Codes Administration at City Hall - all business can be conducted on an anonymous basis. To report a violation of any ROH HOA restriction, or to obtain a complete set of the restrictions, please contact any board member.

Neighborhood restrictions are designed to help maintain a neighborhood that is acceptable to its residents. Therefore the Board has resolved to enforce restrictions to the best of its ability. Whenever violations occur, the board will attempt to resolve the issue with the parties concerned, but has retained and will use legal counsel when that is necessary. Several sets of restrictions exist in ROH HOA and the restrictions related to your property depend upon where you live. For more information, please contact any board member.